Friendly Fields & Tarsier Treasures

One of my daily intentions is to make a new friend or get to know someone in a more meaningful way. I’m the chipper girl that says good morning, ends emails with sending you sunshine, and never leaves a film set without making a new acquaintance.

I’ve been asked many times what it’s like to work in TV. I always say, it’s hard work and exciting. Nothing gets me pumped up more than the prospect of seeing creative visions coming to life and capturing magical moments. Sometimes you capture those by being right behind the camera and other times, you witness them from a treetop, which was my vantage point amidst the lush and vast agricultural land of the Chocolate Hills.

Bohol was breath-taking, just the way I remember it to be since my last visit. At this point of the filming trip, we had traversed a good part of the Philippines, gone on several plane rides and boat rides. But meeting the magical farming community taught us great lessons that sweetened the experience. They were lessons about hard work, honoring the sanctity of nature, and why we should never waste food. It takes a lot of work to plant and harvest rice. Those morsels are gold.

In Bohol, we met the elusive Tarsiers. They’re tiny nocturnal primates that totally look like Yoda’s cousin. They sleep a ton and don’t deal with stress very well – I can see how we can be distantly related! We couldn’t take any of these precious ones home (that’s illegal) but these keepsakes remind Miristi and I of that awesome trip and that friends are forevs.

At the end of the trip to Bohol, I think that Garrett and Miristi felt the exhaustion of working in the fields. The farm life knocked everyone out. And our security, Allan (who’s the best ever), channeled his inner big-eyed Tarsier, making this photo my fave!

Til next time, Bohol! Sending you sunshine!