Get to Know Feih, Our Teen Artist

What’s the story behind your name?

My name is Leona Feih Hidalgo. My name originated from both of my parents’ grandmas. Leona from Leony (my mother’s mom’s name) and Feih from Felipa (my father’s mom’s name).


Where are your roots?

My dad’s side is 100% Filipino from Bantay Ilocos Sur, Philippines.  My mom’s is 75% Filipino, 25% Chinese.


If someone was visiting your hometown, what are the top things to see, eat, and do?

The top things to see would be TIMES SQUARE, but that’s a given since it’s widely popularized. I would bring them to the Statue of Liberty since it’s amazing to actually see how tall the statue is. I would also recommend bringing them to Central Park during the spring because the flowers blooming everywhere look amazing and many people make the park beautiful. There is a great pizza place, supposedly the best pizza in New York, that’s near the Radio Hall in the city! I would probably bring them to Koreatown, Chinatown, and Little Italy so they can experience food from so many different cultures, all in New York City. It is so great to see how much diversity exists in New York. One of my favorite things to do includes riding the elevator all the way to the top of the Empire State Building! The view of the whole city looks way better than just from the ground and the wind feels great up there.


Where on 🌍 have you been and what place was your fave?

I have been to Paris, Italy, California, Florida, Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines. My favorite place was Japan because everything felt so organized, clean, and peaceful. The people were so helpful and nice, and the tourist spots are so cool. When I went to Nara Park in Japan, that was probably my favorite place to be to feed deer.🙂


Name a fun fact about yourself or secret talent that you have.

One fun fact about myself is that I love to draw, especially if I try drawing characters from people’s stories. The expansion of imagination in a person’s mind has no limits and this inspires me to draw to my heart’s content!


Who’s your celebrity crush?

My celebrity crush would be J-Hope from BTS, but if it has to be someone EVERYONE knows…it would be Bruno Mars. His music is something I always come back to and genuinely love. I’ve listened to his songs for so many years, and I’m just so amazed how successful and non-problematic he is. (And fun fact: He’s also Filipino!)


Name your Top 5 most played tracks

•Joji- Slow Dancing In the Dark
•Rich Brian- History
•Bruno Mars- Locked Out Of Heaven
•Post Malone- Better Now
•BTS- Idol


Name 5 things you can’t live without

•My computer
•My friends
•My family


What’s your favorite Filipino food?

My favorite Filipino food would be Palabok because I love drizzling the lemon juice over the dish. I also love when people cook it with thin or thick noodles, and the sauce with green onions adds to the magical taste.


What are the top 5 places to visit on your bucket list?

Hong Kong
Puerto Rico


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