What’s In My Bag: Pageant Edition

Hey hey! My name is Elaine Ficarra, and I’m going to share with you What’s in My Bag, specifically what I pack for my pageants!

I’ve been a part of the Miss America organization for the past 2 years now, so I have lots of dresses, makeup, heels, jewelry, and accessories. I recently won Miss State Capitol’s Outstanding Teen 2018 and top 10 for Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen 2018. As I’m turning 18 soon, I’m excited to move on from the teen division and compete with the Miss!


To begin, I want to mention that pageants aren’t solely about the dresses and shoes. The person who earns the crown is someone who exudes confidence and acts with kindness and compassion. The Miss America organization strives to empower young girls and women to be leaders in our community. They promote the 4 points of the crown: scholarship, service, style, and success. Each title holder should be a role model who promotes each of these ideals.



So Miss Pennsylvania’s Outstanding Teen has four parts: Evening Wear & On Stage Question, Fitness, Talent, and the Interview, and there are some QUICK outfit changes. Additionally, lots of other girls are there as well, so I did tons of labeling and organizing when packing and preparing to make sure everything is ready to go.

I got these adorable bags to pack most of my things from my aunt last Christmas, and they have elephants on them, which means good luck!!

I also had my own clothing rack where I hung up all my outfits in the dressing room at the competition. I even put each pair of earrings in its own labeled ziploc on the hanger for the outfits they match. Earrings are small, hard to find, and easy to lose, so this strategy was definitely helpful to be efficient for outfit changes!

For shoes, to make sure I didn’t lose them, I like to take a piece of tape, put my initials on them, and put it in the shoe. I didn’t put it on the bottom because it could be seen when I walked. I put the piece of tape where my foot covered it. This is helpful because it’s common for girls to have similar shoes. For instance, it’s required for the fitness competition that everyone has solid white sneakers. I feel like lots of girls would have the same solid white Nike sneakers like mine.

Additionally, I love to use these small black bags for my makeup and toiletries. A plus is that they have super cute designs on them! There are artists and stylists there to help with makeup and hair, but there are around 30 girls in this pageant. Stylists can’t do it all! Therefore, I did my own makeup, but they put lashes on for me and curled my hair. I like to do a simple, but classy look. I use Bare Minerals foundation as it’s made using natural ingredients, yet still has the kind of coverage I want. Then, I use a little eyeshadow, bronzer, blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara, and I’m ready to go! Like I said, simple but c l a s s y.

Then, I’m ready to appear on stage! Swipe  below to see each look:


Hope you enjoyed and learned a few things! Find me on social media and, as I like to say, “smiles for miles!”

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