Who is Garrett Gee?

You know how they say that hard work pays off? It really does and Garrett Gee is living proof of that. Meet Garrett. The 5th of 6 siblings, Garrett belongs to an awesome, tight-knit family of superstars who all set the bar high in tech, dance, yoga, mathematics, and life. But Garrett carved out his own path when he created an app called SCAN in his sophomore year in college. Still one of Shark Tank’s biggest regrets, the app was later purchased by Snapchat for $54 million! Since then, he and his wife Jessica sold everything they owned to be able to travel full-time with their kids Dorothy and Manilla, and explore everything the world has to offer. Intrigued? Get to know more about the cast of Discovering Routes Season 1.

Here’s what we’ve learned.


He’s a Soccer God

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Garrett was captain of the soccer team at Brigham Young University.

Garrett was an avid soccer player all throughout high school. After doing a two-year LDS mission in Russia he enrolled at BYU and decided to join the soccer team after seeing some ‘superhuman’ players that impressed him. Garrett was always about doing his best on that soccer field and the crowd helped out with that.

I need the crowd. I would look at the faces of the people who came to watch us play. They were giving us their support and in return I wanted to give them a show, give them a goal, give them a WIN! They were my fuel.” Read the full article here.

After his soccer career, the Gees continue to keep health and fitness a top priority. Garrett gives props to active hobbies and a nutritious diet for his overall health. As a collegiate soccer player, most of his workouts were based around performance. Stay fit like the Gees by trying this.


He’s a Waterchild

Garrett is one with the water, a real-life merman and his Instagram feed proves it! From diving down to the most colorful reefs to swimming with whale sharks, Garrett lives for blue water. I mean, how many of us can actually say we’ve touched the tail of a humpback whale? A true lover of watersport activities like diving and snorkeling, he’s so committed to the water that he nearly passed out during a dive in Fiji. But he remained calm, took some deep breaths, and made it back to shore.

He also encourages his kids to embrace the ocean. During their trip to Fiji, it took a few practice runs in the resort pool for Dorothy to familiarize herself using a snorkel. But once she got the hang of it, Garrett and Jessica put her to the test. Dorothy quickly proved herself, letting go of her mom’s hand and simply admiring the beauty of the ocean. Mermaid lesson, check!


Family is #1


During his two-year mission in Russia he met his soon-to-be wife, Jessica who was also a missionary. They first met at a flower shop in Vladivostok, Russia but only started dating when they attended Brigham Young University (BYU), in Provo, Utah. Since selling his app, travelling full-time has not only given them the opportunity to see parts of the world they never imagined to visit — they use these experiences to strengthen their marriage and family. The Gees strive to focus on compassion and service, contributing to each country they visit, and are extremely eager to learn everything about how to be happy with less.

If you follow them on Instagram, you can not know about Dorothy and Manilla. Dorothy was named after Garrett’s grandma and Manilla was named after the city where his mother is from. Cuteness overload!


This year the Gees welcomed the newest member of the family, Calihan, or “Cali” for short. As of his second month of this earth, he already boasts an Instagram following of 168k followers.


Next Adventures

If you follow their travel journals, you might be one of millions thinking where are they off to next? As soon as we get the private tip off, you’ll be the first to know!