Your Guide to: Bohol

Bohol, a province in the central Visayas region of the Philippines, is an adventurer’s dream. From lush forests and hills to stunning beaches and oceans, Bohol is full of activities and experiences for everybody.

Check out our list of the best things to do, the best food to eat, and the best places to stay in Bohol!


What to Do?

  • Chocolate Hills – Located in the center of Bohol, these must-see mountains consists of about 1,300 individual hills. In the dry season, the hills lose their greenery and turn into brown hills – a chocolate shade of brown, some would say. Interested in something more than just hill-watching? You and your crew can ATV here as well!
  • Meet the Tarsiers – These giant-eyed, yet tiny primates are a local species to Bohol. Visit a sanctuary or conservation site to check out these super cute mascots of Bohol.

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  • Eco Adventure Tour Danao – Need an adrenaline rush? Take a trip to Danao and Zipline at Eco Adventure Tour. Choose your level of adventure: take the mild cable car ride, the more gutsy “Suislide” (a 2-way zipline across the abyss), or the devil-daring “Plunge” (bungee cording from a high platform).


What to Eat?

  • Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant & Resort – Well look no further, Bohol Bee Farm uses local and organic ingredients. Come with an empty stomach and be ready to try: squash muffins, pineapple pancakes, deviled eggs with bagoong, homemade tocino-like bacon, buko soup, adobong manok, halo-halo, fresh watermelon juice and malunggay iced tea. Ok, now I’m hungry.
  • Loboc River Floating Restaurant – Dine atop the Loboc River and visit the Loboc River Floating Restaurant. Not only do you get to eat Filipino food like Chicken Adobo, Pancit Guisado and Lechon while floating on a river, you also get serenaded while you’re enjoying your meal.


  • Acacia de Bubu – If you’re the foodie on a budget, Acacia de Bubu is the affordable hot spot all local Boholanos will recommend for you to go when you’re here! This ‘hole-in-the-wall’ BBQ restaurant locates in the middle of the city and famous for its wide range of pork and poultry options.


Where to Sleep?

  • Chocolate Hills Resort – After  your day trip to the Chocolate Hills, spend a couple nights at the Chocolate Hills resort, which offers close access to the beach and the hills. If the beach isn’t your thing, head over to the pool before you karaoke the night away.
  • Amorita Resort, Panglao – Boholanos will tell you that Amorita is the most-loved resort. If you can, try booking a private villa – they have outdoors showers and plunge pools to soothe the soul. And if you’re looking for adventure, they have services to hook you up with diving and snorkeling sites.  
  • Fox and the Firefly Resort – At the Fox & the Firefly Resort, you can literally sleep on a bed next to the river. You have the choice of sharing with a friend or traveler, or have a cottage of your own. Rent a motorcycle to explore the island’s interior easily or arrange to paddle board along the Loboc River.


Do you have any suggestions for what to do, where to eat, or where to sleep? Let us know in the comments below!