Your Guide to: Coron

Coron is one of those places that will take your breath away. Located in Palawan on the western end of the Philippines, Coron offers views and experiences that are out of this world. A place to both rejuvenate and exhilarate the mind and body, Coron provides a breadth of activities for everyone.

Check out our list of the best things to do, the best food to eat, and the best places to stay in Coron!


What to Do?

  • Kayangan Lake – An absolute beauty and highlight of any visit to Coron, Kayangan Lake is a spiritual site protected by the Tagbanua tribe. After a steep but quick hike, take a swim in the lake’s crystal clear waters and take in its beauty. Just remember to watch your step!


Watch Garrett and Miristi explore Kayangan Lake in Webisode 101 of Discovering Routes!

  • Twin Lagoons – These lagoons are natural works of wonder! The first lagoon is typically crowded during the highs of the tourist season, but still offers stunning views and a place to dock and enjoy fresh grilled fish. The second lagoon is interestingly accessible either by boat or by ladder depending on how high or low the tide is when you arrive. Since this area is where salt water meets fresh water, get ready for sensations of warm then cold (then warm then cold) water.
  • Siete Pecados – A popular snorkeling and diving area, the Siete Pecados formation offers beautiful coral formations and a view of tropical fish and sea creatures. Calm waters and peaceful atmosphere, it’s a great place for first time snorkelers and divers!
  • Skeleton Wreck – Another popular snorkeling area, the Skeleton Wreck is exactly what it sounds like – the skeletal frame of a sunken shipwreck. After years and years underwater, corals and fish specie have grown on the old ship and formed a brand new habitat. This is also an excellent site for divers, who can swim throughout the length of the ship’s hull.
  • Mt. Tapyas – If non-water activities are more your speed, try hiking at Mt. Tapyas. It’s not an especially easy hike with 721 steep steps, but the view is absolutely worth it. And if anything, the hard work you do will balance out all of the delicious Filipino food you’ve eaten. That’s my kind of tradeoff.


Where to Eat?

  • Altrove Coron – You’re probably wondering why I’m suggesting a pizza place when you’re probably looking for Filipino food. And the reason is plain and simple: Altrove Coron pizza is other-worldly. Delicious, filling, and affordable, the food at Altrove will leave your mouths watering and your soul happier.
  • KT’s Sinugba sa Balay – Back to traditional Filipino food, and in a very Filipino place! An outdoor restaurant, Sinugba sa Balay is essentially a giant nipa hut roof with no walls. The airy, beachy atmosphere will always remind you about how you’re in the world’s most beautiful island being served some of the world’s most delicious cuisine. Find all your classic Filipino meals served on a banana leaves to really make you feel that #islandlife
  • Lolo Nonoy’s Food Station – Lolo means grandfather in Tagalog, and Lolo Nonoy’s provides the most delicious homemade Filipino food. Super affordable and super simple — it’s all of about the memories of your childhood and the focus on delicious flavors. Just like your lolo (or lola) makes!


Where to Sleep?

  • Coron Two Seasons Resort & Spa – An absolute dream location, the Two Seasons Coron has its own private island with white sandy shores and every luxury amenity you could think of. Stay in your own private bungalow, which beautifully melds modern fixtures with a rustic coziness. And if that’s not enough to convince you, Two Seasons Coron is also a turtle and giant clam sanctuary – the first eco-friendly luxury island resort in Coron!
  • Coron Two Seasons Bayside Hotel – Want the luxury and comfort of Coron Two Seasons Resort without leaving Coron Town? Check out the Two Seasons Bayside Hotel, located on the main island of Coron. With quick access to snorkeling and diving spots around the area as well as quality food, service, and amenities, Two Seasons Bayside is a great alternative to the Two Seasons resort.
  • Sophia’s Garden Resort – Unlike most beachfront resorts in Coron, Sophia’s Garden Resort is unique in its dedication to sharing a love for garden and landscaping. The Spanish-inspired resort is rustic and cozy – a quiet retreat only a few minutes away from the town proper of Coron.
  • Coron Soleil Garden Resort – This resort is located at the foot of Mt. Tapyas, the center and the highest peak of the island destination of Coron. Coron Soleil provides premium amenities for the luxurious leisure traveler who yearns for stress-free travel, all at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for comfortable accommodations that don’t break your budget, Coron Soleil provides you with the best of both worlds.